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Farming Now EP 15

  • 10th July 2023
  • 60 minutes

Farming Now EP 15 presented by Katie Shanahan , this weeks show includes David explains how he is 'lucky to be alive' after sustaining life threatening injuries when a tree felling exercise went horribly wrong.

Visit JF Radiators in Banteer Co Cork and Galway looking after the farming community since 1980.

In this video we will talk about the different types of lipids or fats in feeds, what happens when a cow eats these, and how different fats affect cow production and performance.

Work Organisation For Farmer Health and Safety.Dr. Bruce Thorold talks explains how the NZ animal evaluation and breeding system works and how together, we can improve genetic gain for farmers.

Down memory lane with what farming was like many years ago.Old Farming 

Being overweight or obese can put extra strain on your heart, making it more likely that you will suffer from cardiovascular disease.

Having high cholesterol can put you at greater risk of heart disease. Dave shares his battle with his cholesterol levels, and talks about how he got to where he is now, successfully managing his condition.

If you smoke, you're more than twice as likely to have a heart attack than someone who doesn't. Lisa shares how she managed to quit for good, and the benefits its brought her.

Finishes with Irish country music superstar Derek Ryan with his latest hit 'Leave Her Johnny'.  To contact the show email [email protected].